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Hey friend, in today’s post, we’ll explore what Big Mumbai invitation code and game is and how you can earn money from it. We’ll also provide the Big Mumbai game invitation code, so be sure to read the entire post. Big Mumbai Game is a color prediction game similar to Daman Games, Big Daddy Game, and TC Lottery. It’s one of the best color prediction games where you can make money by playing. It offers more than just color prediction, and I’ll explain further ahead.

What Is Big Mumbai Game

Big Mumbai Game is a color prediction game that offers a variety of other games as well, including aviator, teen patti, slot, rummy, and plinko. Additionally, it provides options for cricket, football, tennis predictions, fishing games, casino roulette, andar bahar, and more. By playing these games, you can make a 2X profit, and in aviator, some individuals have even turned ₹1000 into ₹100,000 with just one play, achieving a remarkable 100X return.

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Big Mumbai Games How Its Works

It’s a straightforward game with numerous color prediction options like aviator, teen patti, and more, as mentioned earlier. By playing these games, you can earn money. Another excellent option is to earn lakhs by referring the game to others. Let’s discuss this further below.

Registering In Big Mumbai Game

Click on link to visit Website ” “

big mumbai invite code

One you have visited the website provide your

  • Phone Number
  • Set 8 digit password
  • Confirm Password
  • Invitation Code

After that, click on “Register.” Your registration will be complete.

You can log in using the same mobile number and password afterward.

big mumbai gift code

After the registration message pops up, it is for those interested in becoming agents. If you also want to become an agent, join Telegram using the link provided below.


big mumbai colour prediction

The interface of the Big Mumbai Game is straightforward and easy to use. You’ll grasp all the games and features in one go. It’s similar to the entire setup of Big Daddy Game.

In Big Mumbai Game, you can engage in color prediction, aviator, slot, teen patti, roulette, casino, and so on.

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How To Play Big Mumbai Game Prediction Game

lay and earn more money with Big Mumbai Game. I’ll guide you through the entire process and explain everything you need to know. Let’s get started!

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

In the Color Prediction game, you’ll find various options such as Wingo for 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 10 minutes, along with TRX Prediction and more.

bigmumbai color prediction game

The interface of the Color Prediction Game is quite simple, similar to Daman or Big Daddy Game. If you have any doubts about how to play, I’ll clarify it for you now.

For example, in the game, you have options like color, number, and small/big. In the small/big category, there’s a 50% chance. If you choose “small” with ₹100, after deducting a fee, you’ll get ₹198, which is a 2X return. In the color category, you can choose green or red, also giving you a 2X return. However, violet is less frequent, so it offers a 5X return. Number prediction is more challenging, but if you correctly predict, you can get a 9X return, meaning ₹100 can turn into ₹890.

Aslo visit their Offical page :

I hope this explanation is clear. If you still have doubts, you can join Telegram and ask questions there.

bigmumbai small big game

To enhance understanding, take a look at the screenshot for how “big,” “small,” color, or number are appearing. These are the results.

How To Play Aviator Game Big Mumbai Game

Aviator Game Big Mumbai Game

In the Big Mumbai Game, you’ll also find Aviator. Take a look at how everything is running. Aviator offers various options like varieties, mines, plinko, goal dice, etc. It’s worth trying, especially for the high rewards.

To play Aviator, start with a simple ₹10 bet. As the plan progresses and reaches X times, your winnings will double accordingly. For example, if you started with a ₹10 bet and the plan reaches 100X, you’ll win ₹1000. However, it’s crucial to click the Cashout button before the plan fails to secure your winnings.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

It’s essential to check out the Activities section in the Big Mumbai Game because it displays all the current offers and promotions. If you’re playing the game, these activities provide an opportunity to claim free bonuses. Take a look to see what bonuses are available for users.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

In the Wallet section of the Big Mumbai Game, you’ll find options for Deposit, Withdraw, Deposit History, Withdraw History, and Available Fund in the main wallet. This means that if you play any third-party games, the funds will stay in the third-party wallet. By transferring them to the main wallet, you can initiate withdrawals.

Creating a full video tutorial for this is necessary.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

In your Big Mumbai Game account, you’ll find your UID at the top. If you encounter any issues with the app or website, such as recharging, withdrawing, claiming bonuses, etc., you can reach out to customer support. They will likely ask for your UID. Here, you can view deposit details, withdraw history, bet history, recharge history, gift codes, and more.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

If you’re facing any difficulties and the in-game guidance isn’t clear, make sure to check the Service Center. They can provide assistance and guidance to help you understand any issues you might be experiencing in the game.

How To Recharge In Big Mumbai Game

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

When you click on “Deposit,” you will see a straightforward option. Choose whether you want to deposit via bank transfer or a UPI app—select whichever option you prefer. Then, specify the desired amount below.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Select the amount you wish to recharge, enter it, and then click on “Deposit.”

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

Select any UPI app and proceed with the payment. Then, return to the website, and the funds will be credited. If they don’t appear, take a screenshot of the payment and share it with customer support, mentioning that the recharge hasn’t been received. Additionally, remember that in bank transfers, a 12-digit UTR number is required to be submitted. It’s essential to remember this 12-digit number for tracking purposes in every payment.

How To Withdraw Money From Big Mumbai Game?

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

To make a withdrawal, simply click on the “Withdraw” button, and you will be directed to the withdrawal section. Here, you’ll find two options: USDT or bank cash. Choose the one that suits you best and provide your details accordingly.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

This is a straightforward form. Fill in your bank details and save them. Your bank will be added to this game.

How Long Take Time To Arrive Withdrawal

Usually, it takes 1 to 2 hours, sometimes up to 24 hours. Don’t worry; you will receive the money.

Big Mumbai Agent Or Referral Schemes?

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

This method allows people to earn lakhs (hundreds of thousands of rupees). The scheme works like this: Suppose you’ve invited 20 people to join, and they start building their own teams. Ultimately, your team will grow. You can earn a 0.6% daily commission on 6 levels. If your referrals make deposits and play the game, you can also receive a daily salary of up to ₹10,000. Additionally, there are first recharge bonuses for those who recharge, as well as active downline rewards that can yield lakhs of rupees.

You can contact customer care for more information and request your upline’s ID or Telegram information. They will assist you in claiming your rewards. It’s important to note that you can’t claim these rewards automatically; you’ll need to do it daily through a teacher assistant.

Big Mumbai Invitation Code

The joining fee will be visible here, showing your daily, monthly, and yesterday’s earnings.

Big Mumbai Game Gift Code

You can find the Big Mumbai Gift code on Telegram from time to time. The Big Mumbai game shares gift codes on Telegram that provide random amounts for free.

Free Gift Code

They provide different gift codes daily, weekly, and monthly, each with varying amounts. So, give it a try and stay active by joining.

What is Big Mumbai Invitation Code

The Big mumbai invitation code is 5154350250

Most Popular Colour Prediction Game 2023 2024

This is a simple game, and one of the most popular versions is the color prediction or small big game. In this game, you are given three colors, but two of them have the same value, which are usually green and red. Your task is to predict the color that will appear next. For example, if you correctly predict “green” or “red” in a ₹100 bet, you will receive ₹198 as a return after the fee deduction. Occasionally, “violet” may appear, but this is quite rare, and if you correctly predict it, you can receive a 4X return on your bet amount. For number prediction, you can receive a 9X return.

You’ve explained the concept of color prediction well, and you mentioned that you will update with tricks and tips after gaining more experience. We look forward to hearing your insights in the future.


We do not endorse or recommend the use of such apps or websites. These platforms may face downtime without warning. Depositing money and playing games on these platforms is at your own risk.

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