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It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Guidelines

1. Be respectful of your fellow users
No need to flame any challengers regardless of your side. Don't make vulgar, offensive, illegal, or profane comments. Don't use foul or inappropriate language. No ad hominem - attacking users character or personal traits.

2. Your posts should be appropriate content
NSFW, hate topics, spam is strictly not allowed. Spam includes off topic/hijacking posts, bot spamming, etc . If you post links or images make sure they are safe and not copyright. Any illegal activity or suggestions of fraud are strictly forbidden.
If you see a post that violates these standards, please use our Flag feature for moderator to review.

3. Make your post count
Your posts can be as short or long as you prefer. You may vote, provide a quick reaction (Agree, Disagree, Informative, etc), or a short comment. The choice is truly yours based on how you feel. That said, a quality argument will typically have the following: no major spelling/grammar errors, explanation of your position, rebuttal of your opponent points, and reference to quality sources.
Sources should take you to specific pages, but affiliate links are not allowed.
If you are improving a deal then you should explain how, and if deal is YMMV (your mileage may vary) then you should mark it as such.

4. Keep your arguments on topic
Staying on topic in your arguments is helpful. Fill free to create another challenge instead of drifting too much from the original topic. When you feel there is no more to say, not saying anything, a quick reaction (Agree, Disagree, Informative, Funny, etc) or thanking your opponent is a good choice.

5. Be open to other ideas
Please keep an open mind if you are initiating a challenge. We don't expect you to have a complete change of view based on other's arguments, but we do expect you to stay open to somewhat adjust your perspective. Often there are more than one great deals, and other users may point out pros and cons of specific deals.

If your fellow user provided a comment that even partially changed your perspective then please accept it as "best deal". You are encouraged to award multiple arguments as "best deal" as long as each improves your deal or answers your question. If rejecting an argument then please post a counter-response and always be respectful. Please commit to timely replies to comments.

While only creator of the challenge can formally accept an argument as "best deal", all others are encouraged to fully participate in arguments and reactions. If you didn't create a challenge and you find a deal helpful as a result of a great argument then you may use appropriate reactions to show your appreciation.

6. Customize your profile
Tell us about yourself, customize your avatar, signature, add friends, tweak notification preferences, etc. Make yourself feel at home at BestDealWins.

7. Happy Money Saving!
Our goal is to create the best online money saving website, not swarm you with rules. Any questions, send us a quick note at or pm aarong. We love to hear from you with questions, ideas, or suggestions.

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