Maximize shopping savings

Amazon became a default shopping choice for many people regardless of price.  Many people continue to use the same credit card year after year with a minimum cash back.  While that strategy offers simplicity, that leaves thousands of dollars on the table.

I estimate that based on $8k monthly credit card bill, you should expect to save about $10k annually on net basis (all cash, tax free).

I recommend the following strategy to maximize the savings.

1) Get the right card, and revisit that decision every year.
My current top pick is Discover IT Miles credit card due to their 3% cash back offer on every purchase and other unique benefis.  See my post: 
Best Credit Card - Discover IT Miles Travel Card - get upto $8k/yr based on $8k mnth spend. YMMV

2) Maximize Credit Card price protection.
That gives you a boost of $2,500 cash savings per card per calendar year.  
See my post 

3) Use cash back sites for online shopping.
That saves me an average of 3% per purchase with very little work.
See my post
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