Best Deals for health and beauty and other non-food perishables

If you are looking to get best deals on perishables (food excluded), like shampoo, soap, etc conventional wisdom is to go for coupon clipping - wrong!  
By using Citi credit card price matching, you can typically get the best deals on these products without much hassle.  Citi is actually the only credit card that supports price matching on perishables.
The strategy is simple:
- find the product you want online
- compare prices
- pay with your citi card by buying from your favorite store at whatever price they charge. Ideally buy it from reliable store that doesn't charge you for shipping and state sales tax, even if their price is higher.
- email Citi price adjustment claim, using the lowest price you found online.  Even if that stores charges high shipping charges that doesn't matter.

Ideally, save your purchases until a week before Black Friday for even better deals.

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